8th October 2016




MaridzaMaridza’s passion for dance started with ballet and jazz at a young age. She has studied with many choreographers of hip hop, street jazz, cardio funk, and modern dance. Her fascination with pole dance started while taking Cardio Strip Tease Classes in Austin, Texas back in 2004. She was intrigued by the fact that classes were always overcrowded with high energy women dancing sexy while having such a good time. At the time, she had heard about Pole Dancing becoming the latest fitness trend, but classes had been hard to find. When she finally tried it she was amazed by the way pole dancing pushed and toned her body and immediately became addicted.

After moving to San Diego, she commuted to Orange County and LA to attend classes and workshops. She later attended an instructor training course at Pole Position Fitness. She is also passionate about yoga and completed a 200 hr Ashtanga Yoga teacher training program in San Diego, and has since taught both yoga and pole dancing to students of all levels.

She completed a Pole Dance Instructor Certification course as authored by World Renowned Pole Dance Instructor and Performer, Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich of the Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas, NV www.polefitnessstudio.com/PDIC-Instructors.htm and has trained with KT Coates, the world’s leading pole instructor and founder of Vertical Dance, UK. In the past 3 years she’s noticed that pole fitness dance has become very popular and inspires most women lucky enough to try it. So, try it and become addicted!


Always having been an exercise nut, Carmen has done a variety of physical activities. As a small child she was practicing gymnastics in school, and then came the cheerleading stage, then running, then aerobics, on to weight lifting in the traditional gym setting. Somewhere between those activities she would take a variety of dance classes. Dancing at nightclubs became a favorite of hers for many years to come and she wasn’t above putting on her white go-go boots whilst dancing on podiums doing her part to spread the love across the room. She related the energy of this type of dancing to pole dancing.

A few years back after going through a hard break-up and feeling unmotivated to do much for about a year she gained 10lbs. Realizing that 10lbs could start adding up she thought it was time to get back into some type of workout, however, the traditional gym setting no longer had the appeal to her that it once had. Then within the course of a week she saw different television shows talking about the new workout: pole dancing and all the benefits of it. When she saw how much fun the women were having while getting fit, she identified with it and started doing research on the internet to see if these classes were being taught in San Diego, indeed they were. Needless, to say after trying one class she was hooked! The transformation in her was tremendous, not only did she loose the 10lbs. in a few months, while having one of the best times in her life; she also met some of the most awesome women on the planet.

Getting back in touch with her body, her sensuality, physicality and inner peace was and remains to be the best form of healing she could have found. After a year or so of taking classes Carmen and Maridza sharing the same passion for pole fitness, opened their own studio. Their focus is to share their passion for the pole with all the other like minded individuals. Carmen continues to hone her craft by taking as many workshops as she can. A few that she has attended were facilitated by Trina at heartandpole.com and by taught by Katie Coates, Rock Angel, in Calabasas and more than one workshop with Jenyne Butterfly. To maintain flexibility, control and develop the strength needed with advanced pole work she also incorporates yoga into her workout. As well, she is certified to teach, by Mary Ellyn Weissman at Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd sm.

Come into the studio and bring the pole creature out in you!




As a motivator, healer, and above all a dancer, Ashley has learned to adapt to the challenges of pole dance as a method of unwinding and has since incorporated this idea for the sole purpose of teaching others what comes from hard work, dedication, and passion.

Ashley started off as a student herself at the studio and was noted to be that person who never gave up. Even when things were at their lowest, she believed that while she danced, she would learn to really be herself again and expresses extreme heart in her ambition to push others to face the same challenges pole dance attributes and to achieve their goals. From the moment Ashley took her first pole dancing class at Pole Sinsations, she was allured and drawn to the immediate mental, physical and even spiritual benefits of dance and uses this form of expression to help her grow in strength and learn to let go and unwind. In her pursuits to endorse the positive highlights of dance, she is eager to meet and get to know others with a welcoming heart and to learn from her students so that she may continue to grow herself.


Zhyandia Joi

EliseAs a dancer, performer, philosopher, and lover of our natural world, Joi is living to promote wellness holistically. In addition to incorporating new interests, she draws from over twenty years’ experience in dance, martial arts, alternative fitness, and performance arts to develop unique choreography and programs for her students and clients.

Raised in a military family, she has a global heart. After training and performing in Virginia, North Carolina, the San Francisco Bay, New York, and Sweden, Joi was looking for a new way to challenge her abilities when, in Florida, she discovered pole fitness! Pole is the perfect space for her strength and grace to unite.

Although she trains hard as a competitive athlete, students at ALL levels are adored. Her newest relocation to San Diego allows Joi to not only share her talents but to learn from even more beautiful and creative spirits.



Instructor TatsianaI am from Belarus and moved to the US when I was 21 years old. I started pole dancing at a studio in China three years ago. Upon my return to the states I attended classes at a Pole Dance and Fitness studio in New Jersey. The owner noticed my skills and passion and offered me an instructor opportunity that allowed me to teach intro and intermediate classes. I love teaching my students fun and sexy routines and having a belly dancing background has allowed me to incorporate sensual moves to my pole choreography. Pole dancing is not about just acrobatic tricks and spins for me; it is a form of art and a very sensual graceful dance. I am extremely dedicated to my clients and passionate about teaching — always going an extra mile to make sure my girls reach their potential. My clients always tell me what an amazing, inspirational, and encouraging instructor I am. My classes are very interactive and fun. I make my students feel comfortable and I always encourage them to help each other become better dancers.



Instructor Lizzy BethersLizzy has been performing, training, and teaching on the pole for nine years. She has experience with Classic and Chinese Pole, circus arts, exotic dance, belly dance, and ballet. In all of her years teaching pole, Lizzy has witnessed countless students undergo physical and mental transformations due to the strength, determination, and confidence needed to advance in class. She is passionate about educating students and strangers about the beauty and grace that can be found on the pole. She incorporates the ideas and motion of ballet into her classes and is known for pushing her students above and beyond what they thought they were capable of!

Outside of the studio, Lizzy is an avid tennis player, writer, and painter. She hosts local art events with proceeds donated to foster youth organizations and she recently received her degree in Social Work. She also volunteers with Voices for Children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and is a part of the Outreach team.



Nadine began pole dancing in 2009 and has fallen in love with performance and teaching. She has competed at the Pacific Pole Championships and at the California Pole Dance Championships in Los Angeles as well as assisted at National Aerial Pole Art in Las Vegas.

Her style is strength and tricks based with an emphasis on energy, fitness, and music. She loves teaching advanced combos by breaking them down into manageable parts so students of all levels can enjoy their stage of dance!



anna-instructorpageAnna Kavyrshina is a 2017 Pacific Pole Championship winner of the Level 4 Exotic Pole Dance category. She is a native born Russian. Intimately involved in dance and fitness throughout her life, she started taking pole classes in 2013 and soon after that she had begun teaching pole dance. At the same time she discovered Yoga as an additional strength and flexibility training and with completion of the Yoga Alliance 200-hour training program at Yoga One Studio in San Diego, California Anna became a certified yoga instructor in 2015. Combining both strength and flexibility training in her classes, Anna helps her students in finding their own style and defining their strong sides in pole dancing. Concentrating on technicality and clean execution as opposed to chasing new tricks, Anna is able to create a story in her dance that is shown through the moves polished to perfection



carly-instructorpageCarly has been hoop dancing since 2010. She found hooping through the music scene and once she picked up a hoop of her own she was hooked. It was a perfect match to her yoga background and inspired her to incorporate different styles of dance into her flow.  She preformed with The Hoop Unit from 2010-2011in San Diego, the troupe was a blend of hoop, burlesque and belly dance. Her own style of hooping is graceful and sexy with unique transitions and flowing tricks.