6th October 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and General Questions

    • Where are you located?

tatsiana4We will be offering classes at Queen Bee’s in North Park Monday through Wednesday for a special rate of $15.00 starting December 3rd.

Temporary Location:
Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center
3925 Ohio St
San Diego, CA 92104
 (Free Parking is available diagonal and parallel along north side of building)

    • How many poles do you have?

We have 7, 12 ft stainless steel poles both static/spinning and stage lighting to set the mood.

    • How old do I have to be to sign up for a class?

Classes are for adults, so you must be 18 years old to sign up.

    • What is the weight limit?

Our poles have a weight limit of 250 lbs set by the manufacturer.

    • How do I register for a class?

You can register and pay for classes through our online system by creating a login account and signing up for each class you would like to attend. MindBody, which hosts our registration system, has help resources available to assist you with setup and registration.

    • Can I share a package with a friend or use one of my class credits to bring a friend?

No, we do not allow sharing of class packages. However, you can purchase a single class or package for someone else by clicking “Pay for another client” before selecting a class or package, or purchase a gift card for a friend under “Gift Cards.”

    • Do I have to give an emergency contact? What if I don’t want to tell people I’m taking pole dance?

YES, we need to have an emergency contact person for all of our students. We donÂ’t ever want to have to call anyone’s emergency contact, but we MUST have one. Should anything happen to you in class, we need to have someone to contact who can follow up and help you once you leave our studio if you need it. Our instructors cannot do this, but we want to make sure you are taken care of. We will not call your emergency contact for anything other than an emergency, and this can be anyone (parent, friend, etc.) whom we could contact to help you following an emergency.

    • Why do I have to give my address/phone number/e-mail? Are you going to call me or send me stuff?

We do need this information for our records. We do not send mailers to your mailing address or “spam” your e-mail. We may use your phone number or e-mail to contact you in case of class cancellations or events, but you can specify a preference for communications in our online registration system. If you would like to receive our newsletter with studio announcements and events, you must sign up on our website.

    • Do I need to complete the waiver before class?

Yes, we require a completed waiver before taking any classes, for your safety and our records. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for your first class to allow time to complete this. The form is also available to download from our website if you prefer to print and complete it beforehand.

    • How can I find out about classes, events, and news from the studio?

You can sign up for our newsletter on the home page of our website, “like” PoleSinsations on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @PoleSinsations. We also post class news and events on our website.

Class Questions

    • Who can take pole dance classes?

We welcome women of all ages, with or without experience. No dance background is required. Our students are a diverse group, including professional women, mothers, grandmothers, and dancers. While some have dance backgrounds, many come into pole dance with little or no dance background.

    • Are men allowed?

Most classes are women only, but sometimes we offer Co-ed classes. Please go to our schedule page for most current class schedule.

    • What should I wear and bring to class?

In all classes, wear clothing that is comfortable, breathable, and allows you to move without hindering you. Please bear in mind that these are group classes, and dress appropriately for a group setting.

For pole classes, we recommend tank tops and short shorts that are close-fitting; skin contact is key in pole dance! Pants and longer shorts that can be rolled up for climbing can also work for Intro and Beginner/Intermediate classes if this is more comfortable, but these are definitely not recommended for classes that involve inversions (Advanced, Pole Tricks). For lap dance class, wear knee pads, thick thigh highs, or pants to protect your knees.

We only allow exotic dance platform heels made by Pleaser, Ellie, or other dancewear brands which have rubber soles that prevent slipping. “street” shoes that are not made by an appropriate dancewear manufacturer are not allowed for your safety. You may dance barefoot if you prefer, but this can be more difficult or uncomfortable on our wood floors.

Bring your waiver form for your first class, water, and patience :).

    • Do you sell or rent platform heels at the studio?

We sell Pleaser 6 inch platform heels in clear or black for $40.00 (sizes 5 – 10 are usually in stock) or you can rent a pair for $5 (available in sizes 5 – 12). We can special order exotic heels from Ellie & The Highest Heel. Please email the size and style to info@polesinsations.com to check pricing and availability. For beginning students, we recommend shoes in clear plastic or colored patent material (these materials help “stick” to the pole), with an ankle strap for stability.

    • What are the class sizes?

Classes range in size depending on registration, but we have a minimum of 2 students to hold class, and a maximum of 6 students for pole classes and 10 for other dance classes to ensure that everyone has enough space and pole time.

    • What should I expect in class?

All classes include warm up and cool down periods. Intro to Pole classes review, in simple choreography, the basic moves and spins on which you will build in future classes. Beginner/Intermediate pole classes teach more complex and difficult spins and choreography. Pole Tricks and Pole Fitness classes are open to all levels, and cover individual spins and pole tricks, including inversions, climbing, and poses, that are appropriate to the skill level of the student. Advanced pole class teaches the most difficult inversions, tricks, and combinations. Our Lap/Chair dance class teaches sexy floor, chair, and lap dance moves, Burlesque incorporates props into sexy dance routines, and Cardio Striptease class is a faster-paced dance class for a hot cardio workout.

    • Which class should I attend? When can I attend advanced class?

If you’re new to pole dance or need a review of basics, we recommend you start with an Intro class, and once you’re comfortable with the basic pole transitions and spins (pirouette, fireman, etc) and can begin to climb you can attend Beginner/Intermediate classes. You must know how to climb, and have sufficient strength to begin inversions and tricks, before attending Advanced. Climbs will be learned in Beginner/Intermediate classes.

    • What classes do you offer and when can I attend?

We offer pole classes at Intro, Beginner/Intermediate, and Advanced levels, and several non-pole dance classes. The schedule is available online or at our studio.

    • What are the risks?

Any exercise regimen carries risk of injury, so you should consult a doctor if you have concerns about your ability to participate in classes.

Bruising and Pole Burns from friction against the pole are the major risks in pole dancing. Careful execution of spins and tricks using control and proper form can help to minimize these. Overuse or accidental injuries are possible in pole dancing just like any sport, so you should stop and give yourself a rest if you develop symptoms or discomfort. To avoid more serious injury, you should always carefully evaluate your own condition and abilities, perform only moves that you feel comfortable doing, and stop anytime you feel pain or feel fearful or uncomfortable about a move.

    • I’m interested in purchasing my own pole, which one do I buy?

There are many different brands and types of dance poles out there, and your decision will likely be based on your goals for your pole dancing and your budget. You should carefully choose a pole that is sturdy and safe, and appropriate for whatever moves you wish to do at home. YouTube has lots of examples of the risks of using a pole that is not sturdy enough!

Spring-mounted pressure poles are less expensive and do not require anything installed on your ceiling or floor, but are much less sturdy than other mountings; they may be dangerous if you want to attempt faster or more advanced spins, climbing tricks, or inversions.

Other poles that are permanently installed require some kind of mounting apparatus that must be attached to your ceiling or floor; good models are likely to be sturdier and safer but require permanent installation of the pole or mounting apparatus in your home, which may be inappropriate for renters or those who donÂ’t want to explain what that thing is!

Our favorite type of dance pole for home use is the screw-mount pressure pole. These poles have a screw mechanism that extends the pole to fit securely from floor to ceiling, using pressure without requiring a mounting apparatus attached to the surfaces. Good quality screw-mounted pressure poles are sturdy but easily removable without damage. The disadvantages of these are that they are not appropriate for all types of ceilings – they cannot be used on non-rigid, false or suspended ceilings, on extremely high ceilings, or on any ceiling that is not level such as vaulted ceilings, because they require level, rigid and supported surfaces to provide pressure.

We recommend the X-pole, which is an excellent screw-mounted pressure pole with which we have extensive experience. These poles are very sturdy and safe – they have been tested to withstand up to 300 pounds of horizontal force. X-pole also now offers permanent mounting brackets for vaulted ceilings and flat surfaces, so they can be mounted on surfaces not appropriate for a standard pressure pole. We have used X-poles for classes and parties, and many of our instructors and advanced students use X-poles in their homes. We sell X-Poles in our Online Store.

    • Who are your instructors, and what styles do they teach?

Our instructors, like our students, have diverse backgrounds; they are dancers, professional women, students, married, single, and mothers. Some came into pole dancing with extensive dance training, and others began with little or no dance background.

Each instructor has a unique style, so you will find that you learn different things from each of them – the more classes you take with different instructors, the more you will learn, and can incorporate different elements into your own individual style.

Our classes also follow different formats.

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