20th October 2017

Class Levels

Pole Dance Class Levels:

Intro to Pole:

This class is recommended for brand new pole students in learning the basics of pole tricks and transitions on a static pole.

Intro to Spinning Pole:

Can be taken in combination with an Intro to Pole. This class specializes on tricks and transitions with a spinning pole.

Beginner Choreography:

This class is best recommended after being cleared from your Intro Instructor. This class is about learning fluidity and combinating beginner tricks together in a choreography.


This class is combined with both beginner and intermediate students. Intermediate moves are taught to help guide and motivate beginner students in transitioning to the next level in pole.


The top of the pole latter. In combination with intermediate and advanced students to learn and condition more complicated and challenging moves.

Exotic Pole:

It is recommended you attend a minimum of 2 Intro to Pole classes. Instructors have different prerequisites, so please read the class description.

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